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  • What is the grip size of The Force Grip Handle?
    The Force Grip handle size is 4-3/8".
  • How long is The Force Grip tube?
    The Force Grip resistance tube is 60" long.
  • What does The Force Grip weigh?
    The complete Force Grip weighs 17.99 oz. The Force Grip handle alone weighs 10.2 oz.
  • What type of carabiner is used in The Force Grip?
    A 5kN (kilonewton) rated, oval-shaped, heavy-duty, steel carabiner with a spring-loaded gate.
  • How long should The Force Grip last?
    The Force Grip has a 1-year Limited Warranty. The band should last for a minimum of 1 year and up to 3 years with proper care.
  • How is using The Force Grip better than using a traditional resistance tube system?
    Our customized Force Grip tube is specifically designed to mimic the feel of "plowing through" on impact to create the "heavy ball," while our custom handle mimics the exact bevels found on tennis rackets as opposed to traditonal non-beveled handles used in traditional resistance tube systems. You may think the grip you use when resistance training is just a matter of personal preference or comfort, the science tells us it isn't. It has much bigger implications. The placement of your hands is one of the most important factors in determining which muscles will be targeted and felt during any exercises. Which brings us to one of the biggest advantages of using The Force Grip over any other resistance tool for tennis; our patented Thermoplastic Elastomer handle allows you to hold The Force Grip the exact same way you hold your own racket. This detail will help a Force Grip user strengthen their specific swing for the same muscles they use in competition. When determining wins and losses in a game of feel and inches - every detail matters. So why use resistance tubes and bands not specifically designed for tennis when you can use The Force Grip? Benefits Of Using The Force Grip: The Force Grip targets the stabilizing muscles, specifically in the forearm and hand, the very muscles that are necessary to control your racket face. Racket face control is possibly one of the most important physical skills needed to be a high level tennis player. Since your muscles are under constant tension, the quality of each rep will be high; therefore, The Force Grip facilitates a more effective contraction of the muscles, which is key to getting stronger. The Force Grip allows for greater range of movement than a traditional band/tube. This gives the user more specific and natural movement along with joint health and strengthening benefits as well. The Force Grip is a tennis specific compound exercise tool. Compound exercises incorporate the use of several muscles at the same time. They are an efficient way of working out as they require more energy and are excellent for improving coordination. Using The Force Grip allows the user to place more tension on the exact same muscle groups used in any particular swing in a much shorter amount of time. The fatigue your muscles will feel within minutes of swinging The Force Grip may never be felt by just swinging a racket. Angle Control. While using The Force Grip, you can control the angle of your training to avoid uncomfortable positions due to preexisting issues or injuries, or simply to isolate specific segments of a stroke you want to improve, technically or biomechanically. Better Form. Having to maintain tension throughout your workout means each rep and every swing needs to be high quality. Ultimately, this will help build the right kind of muscle memory and may aid in helping you to maintain form later in matches.
  • Can The Force Grip help with racket face control?
    Yes. By pulling The Force Grip handle with the identical grip a player would use to swing their racket, a player can build the same stabilizing muscles in the hand and forearm used to control the racket face while playing.
  • How can The Force Grip help coaches?
    Benefits of using the Force Grip for coaches: The Force Grip is a favorite for coaches that prefer groups but still want to maintain technical consistency with every player. The Force Grip is ideal for coaches who incorporate circuits and training stations. The Force Grip is excellent for helping players strengthen swing paths of awkward positions like the high backhand or the reaching slice backhand. Unlike other devices, with the Force Grip, a coach can have their player stop at any point in their swing path to isolate flaws in technique for correction. For example, specific points in most strokes like wrist lag on forehands or pronation in serves can be isolated for strengthening or adjustment. Many studies have shown that unstable resistance modalities like bands and tubes are a great addition to a resistance training program. The Force Grip promotes high muscle activation, increased stabilizing functions, greater neuromuscular adaptations, and improved coordination in the swing, which leads to stabilization of the contact point and greater racket face control. Due to the fact that the Force Grip was also made for at home use, players can benefit from continuity between practices because they can reinforce technical changes at home.
  • How can The Force Grip help me be a better tennis player?
    Aside from being the perfect warm up, post-practice, prehab, and rehab tool, The Force Grip is also the best tennis specific strengthening tool, because it allows a player to isolate any part of their swing path for specific strengthening on the court, in the gym, and even at home. More power. More spin. More control.
  • How can The Force Grip help me as a physical therapist?
    Using The Force Grip, physical therapists can help clients identify specific points of pain and discomfort and offer real-time, accurate adjustments to technique for coaches and players to consider.
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