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The Force Grip is a portable tennis resistance system designed for warm up, training, prehabilitation and rehabilitation of the specific muscles used for tennis. With The Force Grip, a player is able to add resistance to any stroke at any point along the swing path making it the perfect tool to transition from training to competition.



  • Clip Force Grip to a fence with the attached carabiner or secure the strap in a doorway. Important: Be sure to lock the door while the Force Grip is in use
  • With the same grip you use on any stroke, step forward until there is resistance on the band or until the band is straightened.
  • Swing through as you would normally on any swing, such as forehand, backhand, volley, slice, and so on.



  • Teaching: help students achieve the correct stroke path, grip, and correct contact point for any stroke. 
  • Rehabilitation: rehabilitate injuries sustained on and off the court.
  • Conditioning: develop both the strength and muscular endurance that are necessary for tennis.



  • 50 consecutive reps of forehands, backhands, volleys, serves, and slices without rest.
  • Swing as many forehands as possible in a 15-second window. Rest and repeat for four rounds.
  • Repeat for all strokes, such as backhand, serve, slices, and volleys.



Handle - Durable, modern rubber design with a light texture for enhanced feel.

Grip Size: 4-3/8" 

Material: ABS Core with Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) outter grip

Weighted Handle: 9oz added weight


Tube - Custom, black resistance tube.

Latex composition

5 lbs of resistance

Length: 60"

Double-wrapped strain relief

UV protected

Triple-reinforcement at both ends for safety


Strap - For use at home, our strap is custom designed to anchor securely through any doorway.

Length: 11"

Double-stitched nylon


Carabiner - Heavy duty carabiner allows for convenience to clip anywhere.

5kN (kilonewton)

Built to withstand 1000+ lbs of force

Force Grip


    "This is so much more than a fitness or warm up tool - this is something that will teach you the proper contact point which is essential in tennis."

    PETER smith

    • 5 time NCAA champion coach, USC

    • current aTp tour coach

    • general manager/ director, Jack Kramer club


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